Price : $17.99
Brand : Skinny Plate

Portion Master Skinny Plate Weight Management Portion Control Plate (185 lb / 84 kg)


Portion Master Skinny Plate Weight Management Portion Control Plate

Portions Master has created a solution that trains people to eat healthier portion sizes by showing them how much food and the ratios of food they should be eating at every meal. The Portions Master approach has simplified and revolutionized how people achieve and maintain their weight goals; reducing their overall risk of health complications due to over-eating. This unique plating system can be used by people who need to control existing health conditions, or to lose weight.

Six different plates allow users to move gradually toward their weight goal or maintain their current weight. The experience leads to healthier eating habits.

Diets just don’t work! Are you tired of diet programs that promise a magic solution to your weight problems? Portions Master is a portable tool that you can take with you anywhere to guide you on your journey to successful weight management.

NO MORE counting calories, calculating points, or weighing your food… Simply use our weight specific plates to reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal. It is easy to use, no mess, no fuss.

Portion control is the most effective way to reach and maintain your weight goals by training you to see the right amount of food and what ratios you should eat to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Even if you’re not on a diet, being mindful of how much you’re eating is good practice. It can take a few minutes for your brain to recognize that you’re full, so get in the habit of knowing how much an actual serving size is (and how much it takes until you’re full), and you’ll be less apt to pack on the pounds due to overeating.


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