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PMD Sports Six Week Inferno Stack – Maximum Strength Fat Burner and CLA Omega Fatty Acid to Lose Fat Fast and Increase Muscle Tone – Arsenal X Inferno/120 Liquid Gels, Omega Cuts Elite/180 Softgels


The SIX WEEK INFERNO STACK is a maximum strength cutting stack designed as an ideal elite level stack to produce fast results. Shred the fat, keep the muscle, and get ripped when you combine the power of a strong fat-shredding thermogenic with an elite muscle-defining solution.

Strong Energy and Fat Loss with Arsenal X INFERNO: This maximum strength stack features a powerful thermogenic, Arsenal X INFERNO. Featuring a sports performance-driven blend of advanced agents in its Arphedramine Fat Loss|Energy Complex. This innovative blend combines CAPSI-X cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens) with a complete set of energy compounds to fully support a strong thermogenic effect and powerful fat-loss results.

Anti-catabolic Thermogenic: This powerful formula is designed to shred fat and strengthen your muscles with anti-catabolic properties, which protects muscle mass from being broken down in your body’s natural process. Burn fat without losing hard earned muscle and support that ripped, shredded, and lean muscular look.

Lean Muscle Definition with Omega Cuts ELITE: Add in the support of Omega Cuts ELITE for an extreme body cutting and lean muscle-defining solution. It’s Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) based Muscle Sparing Blend works in conjunction with its Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) based Muscle Toning Blend to more readily target fat for greater muscle definition. These blends work in complementary unison to specifically target and shred the fat between the muscle. Omega Cuts ELITE ultimately helps to provide that highly desirable ripped, shredded, and lean muscular appearance.


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