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Physique 57 Get Fit Fast 4 DVD Amazon Exclusive Workout Kit


Eight workouts to visible results.

The Physique 57 Get Fit Fast Amazon Exclusive Workout Kit (a four-disc series + exercise ball) includes 4 30-minute calorie-torching videos designed to chisel every inch of your body (arms, abs, thighs and seat) in the shortest time possible. This kit includes 2 full body express workouts plus 2 booster workouts that focus on your arms and abs and thighs and seat to sculpt gorgeous long, lean muscles. No matter what kind of shape you are in, whether you loathe exercise, or work out seven days a week, these workouts will change your body. Each DVD offers beginner and advanced variations and new exciting ways to challenge your body. These high energy full body workouts are efficient, effective and fun! Are you ready to feel the burn and start transforming your body today?

Equipment Needed: Portable ballet barre or sturdy piece of furniture, cushion or thick towel, exercise ball and hand weights.

To make the most of your DVDs make sure to check out the Physique 57 blog and social media accounts for suggested routines and to connect with our community for support and guidance along the way.

More about Physique 57

Physique 57 is a non-impact, ballet barre-based workout that combines intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery to sculpt long, lean, gorgeous muscles. It works arms, thighs, seat and abs in an efficient and effective 30 or 57-minute exercise class. Simply said, it takes the best of interval training and turns up the volume.

“It’s transformed my body in ways I never thought possible,” explains Kelly Ripa to Fitness Magazine.


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