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Perfect Green Coffee, 90 Count, 400mg


Green coffee beans have been receiving a lot of positive attention lately as an all-natural weight loss aid. Scientific research and human studies have suggested that green coffee beans have a natural ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which lowers the amount of glucose that is released into the body’s bloodstream. Glucose is used for energy, and when glucose is in short supply the body uses stored-up fat cells instead. This process, known as thermogenesis, is a great help to weight loss. It also helps to lower blood pressure and boost the metabolism.
Now, you’re probably wondering why you aren’t getting all these wonderful benefits out of your morning cup of Joe. That’s because the process of roasting the beans removes the chlorogenic acid! Pure green coffee beans contain only a trace amount of caffeine, so you can get your boost of energy without those nasty, jittery side effects of a cup of coffee and still lose weight.
What are the Benefits of Perfect Green Coffee?
Perfect Green Coffee helps promote healthy weight loss, boost metabolism,
prevent and alleviate high blood pressure, offer antioxidant protection against disease.
100% Fairly-Traded ~ Makes Perfect Green Coffee a Better Choice!
Perfect Supplements prides itself on bringing only the purest food supplements, free from artificial flavors, fillers, or free agents. In addition, they ensure all of their ingredients are fairly-traded and grown without pesticides. Perfect Green Coffee is proud to support small farmers.
Suggested Use
Take 1-2 caps daily 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch with a full glass of water.
As Perfect Green Coffee does contain trace amounts of caffeine, avoid taking the supplement late in the day in order to avoid trouble sleeping.


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