Paleo Under Pressure: Easy Paleo Friendly Pressure Cooker Recipes For Health Conscious Living (Pressure Cooker & Paleo Recipes)


Paleo Under Pressure isn’t your average Paleo recipe book. With 20 of the best pressure cooker recipes featuring five different proteins, this book covers what you need to know to get the most out of your pressure cooker while looking like a professional Paleo chef. Get the tips you need to make your pressure cooker work for you and impress even the most difficult dinner party guest while still taking advantage of whole and healthy living.

Whether you are looking to cut a few corners and still look like a professional Paleo guru or whether you are just looking for one book that has it all, Paleo Under Pressure has got all your bases covered. This comprehensive book includes recipes, everything you need to know about Paleo eating and plenty of tips on pressure cooker cooking.

Included in Paleo Under Pressure, you will find:

• An introduction to the Paleo diet

• What you need to know about pressure cooking

• Five great Paleo friendly chicken recipes

• Five great Paleo friendly pork recipes

• Five great Paleo friendly lamb recipes

• Five great Paleo friendly beef recipes


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