Paleo Snacks: 21 Yummy Paleo Snacks Recipe (Paleo snacks recipes,Paleo snacks recipes for beginners,Paleo Cookbook,Paleo Recipes)


This is a compilation of 21 Yummy Paleo Snacks recipe carefully chosen. You will surely adore each recipe here from its first to last.

Fruit Roll-ups, Sweet Potato Chips, Wrapped Dates, Cheddar Cauliflower Muffins, Blueberry Cluster Bars just to name a few yummy recipes!!! The PALEO Diet is a new way of enjoying your favourite foods in a more healthier way!. Discover The Benefits of Paleo and how it is enhanching lives of people all over the world.

    This book Consists of:

  • Table of Contents (clickable)
  • Introduction
  • The Benefits of Paleo Diet
  • 21 Yummy Paleo Snacks Recipe
  • Bonus: Paleo Inner Circle

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