Brand : OrganiHeart

OrganiHeart – Fat burning Thermogenic 120 Capsules (120 Capsules)


Do you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to lose weight, but are looking for the perfect supplement to accelerate metabolism to burn calories and melt fat?

Would you like a super strong fat burning formula that works to boost fat metabolism, accelerate weight loss and increase energy?

If so, the Organic Heart Fat Burning Thermo Complex is the perfect fat burning supplement for you!

Whereas cheaper fat burning supplements rely on unnatural mixes of ingredients, the Thermo Complex is an all natural blend of proprietary fat burning ingredients. The Formula works to gently increase metabolism to increase calorie burn and fat loss when used with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Containing all natural ingredients, the formula contains a proprietary blend of natural herbs and ingredients including Hoodia Powder, Magnolia Bark, Green Tea and Maca Extract for a formula that is super potent and powerful, yet gently absorbed and effective. The Thermo Complex is manufactured in the USA and GMP certified for purity, and is completely free from sugars, starches and preservatives.

Most notable benefits of Thermo Complex include:

• 120 servings in each bottle for a long lasting supply.

• Works to gently elevate the body’s metabolism to increase energy and burn fat.

• All natural blend of herbs and ingredients for a natural, safe fat burning supplement.

• Made in the USA and GMP certified for purity, completely free from fillers and additives.

• Contains caffeine and chromium to help suppress appetite.


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