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Brand : Sacha Inchi (Sonotnuts)

Organic Roasted Sacha Inchi Seeds 10.6oz – with No Added Salt


Sacha Inchi Seeds – NUT FREE ORGANIC ROASTED SUPERFOOD – HIGH PROTEIN & OMEGA – NON GMO – USDA ORGANIC – GLUTEN FREE – VEGAN Available Pouch Sizes 2 Individual 5.3oz Resealable Pouch = 10.6oz (Shipped) NET 5.3OZ (150g) SACHA INCHI, A SUPER FOOD WITH AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS Sachi Inchi also known as Plukenetia Volubilis, is a perennial plant cultivated in tropical South America, Southeast Asia and Thailand. The seed grows best in warm climates that have acidic soil and a good drainage system. It has been described as a super food due to its nutritional value and potential benefits to the body. The Sacha Inchi seed contains a high level of protein, and is very rich in omega-3 which the human body cannot produce naturally. Sacha Inchi can be digested easily and is unlikely to cause any allergy and irritation. PLANT DESCRIPTION When planted, Sacha Inchi produces small white flowers which appear in a cluster in its fifth month and bears seed at eight months. The plant produces seed all through the year. The fruits are green when growing, but become black or dark brown when they are ripe. When the plant is some years gone, there may be hundred of fruits to harvest, a hundred fruit produces about 400 to 500 seeds. The seeds are oval-shaped, and measure about 2cm in diameter. Sacha Inchi seeds are usually roasted and eaten as a quality snack. IS SACHA INCHI A NUT? Sachi Inchi is a drupe, which is a fruit surrounding a shell with seeds in it. These seeds form part of what you eat. Sachi Inchi may look like a nut, but it is not and totally unrelated to the legume and nut family. HEALTH BENEFITS OF SACHI INCHI BUILDS IMMUNE SYSTEM Sacha Inchi seeds contain a high level of the tryptophan hormone that helps the brain to release stress and reduce inflammation, which could lead to serious illness; it also reduces depression, fatigue, and memory loss. Visit for more information.


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