Price : $14.99
Brand : NutriWise

NutriWise Crispy High Protein Nutrition Bar (7/box) (Lemon Crunch)


For a lemon flavored crispy bar that is packed full of protein opt for our Lemon Crunch Crispy Protein Bar. It is weight loss friendly due to the fact that it only contains 160 calories and 3.5g of fat. You can enjoy it often and it even goes well with our selection of hot chocolate drinks. Just like the rest of our snacks the Lemon Crunch Crispy Protein Bar has been designed to be the perfect companion for anyone on weight loss diet by keeping the fat and calories as low as possible, but without sacrificing on the delicious sweet flavor. If you enjoy a good snack between meals, then the Lemon Crunch Crispy Protein Bar is certainly worthy of a try. You might find that it is so good that you eat it on almost a daily basis! Each box has 7 servings within it and the low price means that you will not get better value for money elsewhere.


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