My Grain & Brain Cookbook: 101 Brain Healthy and Grain-free Recipes Everyone Can Use To Boost Brain Power, Lose Belly Fat and Live Healthy: A Gluten-free, Low Sugar, Low Carb and Wheat-Free Cookbook


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Note: This book is authored by Sheryl Jensen, a successful gluten-free convert and health advocate, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any other companies, organization or authorities.

Great Recipes For Everyone, Especially Those On A “Grain-free Brain Healthy Diet” or “Gluten-free” Diet

My Grain & Brain Cookbook – The Smarter Way To Eat!

My Grain & Brain Cookbook is an ideal companion for anyone looking for:

Grain Free Recipes • Gluten Free Recipes • Wheat Free Belly Recipes • Brain Health Recipes • Wheat Free Recipes • Celiac Recipes • Autoimmunity Recipes • Low Sugar Recipes • Low Carb Recipes

This cookbook consists of 101 recipes that are specially created for a healthy and tasty experience. The book is also beginner friendly and consists of a 7-day meal plan to kick-start your exciting grain-free cooking lifestyle. Readers are assured that the choice of ingredients used in these recipes are carefully chosen, based on a brain healthy gluten-free diet. Therefore, only the healthiest proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables are used in order to ensure that you are eating for a healthy brain advantage.

Start Eating For a Healthy Advantage Now!


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