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MMA Training Pre Workout Capsules | Cardio MAX – NO Pump! Boost Energy, Stamina, Recovery & Endurance | 217mg of Caffeine 60 Servings | Creatine Free for Men and Women by USA SUPPLEMENTS


USA SUPPLEMENTS is proud to introduce you to the first ever MMA Training pre-workout formula! Not only is it designed to help you with cardio and endurance in your training, but it also allows you to burn more calories and cut weight faster. As you are well aware, there is only so much you can do to get those final pounds off and have the energy to do it. When time is not on your side and you want to take a safe and natural direction, this can be your answer. Most pre-workouts are designed for bodybuilders and powerlifters, not combat sports athletes. Plus, they often contain compounds that lead to a muscle pump. This is great if you are trying to get that “pumped” look and feeling as you’re hoisting iron. But most fighters and cardio-based athletes have a different agenda. They are more concerned with getting a steady stream of energy to fuel them through hours of tough training. With the regular pre-workouts on the market, they are left to their own devices to find something that works. To give you an example, here is a real-world scenario that may sound familiar to you. Let’s say you just started an MMA or BJJ practice session, and you are doing hard grappling rounds. Your training partner shoots in for a double and end ups going caught in a guillotine choke. You think you have it locked in, so you just keep squeezing and squeezing. Unfortunately, the choke does not work and your training partner-or opponent had this been a competition-frees his head. Now you’re left with arms that feel like freshly poured bags of concrete. Of all the things that can go wrong with a combat sports athlete, this is quite possibly number one because you are left almost helpless. The Solution There is good news though! At USA SUPPLEMENTS, the last thing we want to see you do is tap out or get knocked out. This is why we have created the first ever MMA TRAINING PRE WORKOUT formula called CARDIO MAX!


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