Maggie’s Delightful Ketogenic Desserts, Fat Bombs & Cookies: 50+ Unbelievably Low Carb Recipes To Help You Accelerate Weight Loss


From the Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller ‘Maggie’s Insanely Yummy Ketogenic Crockpot Cookbook!’..


“I never imagined a low carb menu could include so many delish desserts! I am so spoilt! “

– Marissa J. on Facebook

“The best things I have had in a while : Fat Bombs! Ridiculously yummy, surprisingly low carb! Why the heck did I not think of these before?”

-Kelly C. on Twitter

“My ultra boring Keto life just got so much tastier! The Keto Fudge just blew me away! With so many authentic and unique recipes, I could go months with this cookbook.”

-Nick R. on Twitter

The Yummiest Way To Lose Weight!

Ketogenic Diet is a medically proven diet plan where you avoid all the high-mid carbohydrate intake from your daily diet and fill those with fats. By doing so, the body starts burning up the fats instead of the carbohydrate. The result? Reduced weight, slim and healthy YOU within weeks!

Exquisite Treats For Your Soul

Fall in love with the sweet, creamy, crispy, crunchy, melty and some other finest textures of the desserts, fat bombs and cookies without having to worry about sugar and carbs. All the ingredients are made with love and laid out as per Ketogenic guidelines.

The Book Offers:

50+ Easy, Delicious, Keto Friendly Recipes : Desserts, Fat Bombs & Cookies like:

Keto Lemon Cheesecake

Bulletproof Chocolate Ice-cream

Choco Coconut Bars

Hazelnut CheeseCake Bites

Dark Almond Fat Bomb

Pumpking Butter Fat Bomb

Ketogenic Shortbread Cookies

Walnut Cookies….& many more!!

Being a cookbook, you will also get:

Nutritional value of each recipe.

Step-Step detailed instructions on how to prepare your own dish.

Time required to prepare and cook.

Number of Servings.

A Holy Grail for all Ketoers and Low Carbers. And at this price, this book is a steal!

Ankit N, Engineer

So let’s start trimming off that weight right away!

BUY the book at its LOWEST price ever!


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