Low Carb Meals and Mug Cakes Box Set: Low Carb Meal and Dessert Recipes That You Can Make Without Guilt (Low Carb Recipes & Mug Meals)


Low Carb Meals and Mug Cakes Box Set (2 in 1)

Book one: Low Carb Diet: Quick and Easy Low Carb Recipes for Busy People on the Go

By this point you have probably heard about the low carb diet. You may even know a few people who have chosen to go on this kind of diet plan. This is a great option for those who are looking to lose some weight and get their blood sugar levels, as well as overall health, in order in no time. With the help of this guidebook, you will be able to do this in no time at all.

There is so much information about this diet plan, it is hard for a lot of people to figure out what they should be doing. But this guidebook will help you to find the recipes that you need to get started.

Inside this book you will learn:

• Some good breakfasts to keep you full in the morning

• Lunches to take on the go with you

• Dinners the whole family will love (without knowing they are diet foods)

• Desserts to keep you on track

Check out this guidebook today to see how tasty and delicious being on the low carb diet can be for you.

Book two: Low Carb Mug Cakes & Other Desserts: Mouthwatering Desserts to Try and Make Without Guilt

Do you find yourself craving for desserts but you want it easily prepared, quickly baked, uniquely presented and most importantly healthy?

Desserts are a favorite staple in meals and most people wish they can rely on themselves to prepare home cooked desserts instead of purchasing them from pastry and other specialty shops. However, even expert cooks hesitate at the thought of preparing desserts. They require precise measurements, a lot of time to prepare and a lot of tools to use. In the end, people are discouraged to make their own desserts.

Did you know that you do only need more than 2 to 12 minutes of your time to prepare a satisfying dessert? Did you know that you could control your servings, instead of having a whole baking tray? Did you know that you could have as few as one to two mini versions of the complete dessert? Did you know that you only need a mug and a microwave for most mug desserts?

With mug cakes and desserts, you can satisfy that craving and at the same time have an easy, quick and interesting way of having it. Mug desserts are gaining popularity today, not only because they are a novel way of preparing your desserts, but also because of the more savings you can get compared to preparing traditional oven-baked desserts.

Inside you will learn about:

• The advantages of making mug desserts

• The low carb challenge

• 10 mug cake recipes

• 7 mug cookie recipes

• 7 mug pie recipes

• 7 mug muffin recipes

Once you have learned the recipes on this book, you will look at desserts in a completely different way. When you realize the ease, comfort and enjoyment of preparing desserts all in a mug and in a microwave, then you can prepare your own dessert, one for every day of the month

Don’t wait another minute. The sooner you learn the recipes, the sooner you can satisfy that dessert craving, right at comfort of your own home with your home cooked dessert.

Don’t delay. Download this book now.


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