Low Carb In The Back Yard: 130+ Keto Friendly Recipes for Sun-Filled Picnics, Reunions, and Backyard Entertaining (Ketogenic)


Do you love your Low Carb, Low Carb High Fat, or Ketogenic diet but wonder how to stay on track during the busy summer months?

If summer is your favorite season too, take a peek inside to see what we’ve got waiting for you.

Sunshine, days at the beach, spending time with family and friends – what could be better? You don’t want to be trapped in the kitchen or letting the oven heat up the house and you certainly don’t want to be tempted by summer’s standby, high-carb foods. We completely understand! We have you covered all summer long with over 130 summer, low carb and ketogenic friendly recipes.

This is your newest summer book. Practical. Delicious. Health-focused.

Take a look inside. You will find recipes for cooling summer drinks, delightful summer soups, crunchy salads, and a pile of dressings, dips and condiments so you can keep your body humming on ketosis while enjoying a wide variety of foods.

“There are enough recipes in this book to last me the entire summer. I can try something new every day and never get bored.”

(Trust me, there are many you will want to repeat!)

We created these for you:

25 beverages / cocktails

11 summer soups

13 salads

9 salad dressings

3 relishes

17 marinades

10 spice rubs

8 finishing sauces

21 condiments and dips

2 butters

5 creamy treats

2 frozen desserts

3 specialty desserts

7 dips for fresh or grilled fruit

…plus our favorite dessert crepe recipe

To top it off sweetly we’ve added two whipped toppings – yum, yum!

There is plenty more waiting. We also made sure you had this information at your fingertips:

10 reference charts

Quick tutorials on choosing and cooking the best chicken, beef, pork, and shellfish, (you’ll be a grill-master in no time)

Plus the latest research on grilling as it related to your health.

All recipes include Grams of Net Carbs, suggested serving sizes, and portion sizes. Plus you’ll find our standard nutritional breakdown (fats, protein, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, potassium, sugar, calories, etc.) as well as a macro-nutrient pie chart. These pie chart representations are perfect for ketogenic or low carb high fat dieters. You’ll be able to see at a glance, how easy any recipe will help you meet your daily macro goals. (We thought you’d like that!)

Don’t just trust us that that a recipe is low carb, or keto-friendly. Trust the macros.

“Low Carb In The Back Yard” is the newest creation of Veronica Childs, NT and Laura Childs; authors of the original Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet.

Grab your copy today, be inspired to stay on your diet all summer long by the straightforward Foreword (written by Adrienne Hew, C.N.) and dive right into the recipes. You’ll never wonder how you can stay low carb all summer long again!


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