Low Carb, High Fat Diet: How to Lose Weight by Eating More (Eat Your Way Lean & Healthy)


Low Carb, High Fat Diet: How to Lose Weight by Eating More

Hi, I’m Katherine (Katy) Wright,

Over the years I have tried everything under the sun in order to lose weight and stay fit. My enthusiasm for fitness and diet have led me to find out exactly what does and what doesn’t work. I’ve previously written about the subject of losing weight without picking up a weight or hitting the treadmill; but in this guide I’m going to show you how to seriously burn your body fat by doing the counter intuitive – eating more fat. Before you write this book off I ask you to bare with me and read further as the low carb, high fat movement has been gaining lots of traction in the scientific and nutritional community. We’re talking good fats, not trans-fats, or deep fried carbs. Eating your way lean with the LCHF diet is definitely possible and better than that it’s delicious and easy to follow.

This book contains proven steps you can take to eat delicious and nutritious food without starving yourself or falling off the bandwagon. This is a “eat your bacon too,” guide to losing weight.

What you’ll find in this 30 page guide are the simple and productive methods I’ve used to burn more body fat by eating more and better fats while reducing carbs.

Here’s just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover in this incredible guide. . .

  • Why fats aren’t your enemy
  • The mindset you’ll want and need to execute this system

  • The necessary nutrition and dieting plans that work to keep you lean while still enjoying your life
  • Why abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym

  • How to challenge yourself so you’ll crush your weight loss goals
  • Don’t wait, you’ll want to put this information to use as soon as possible.

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