Brand : LLT

LLT Beat the Cravings Aromatherapy Diet Candle with Essential Oil for Dieting


THE DIET BOOSTER CANDLE from LiveLoveThrive is 4oz of AROMATHERAPY POWER. With a HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF ESSENTIAL OIL THAN A NORMAL CANDLE it packs a scented punch! This candle is NOT designed to scent a room. It doesn’t need to be huge in size to do its work – in fact, keeping it small means its easy to pop into your handbag, tote or briefcase and carry with you at all times – and keep a spare in your desk drawer. Light it and deeply breath in the therapeutic scent – Our EXCLUSIVE APOTHECARY FORUMA is designed to register and stimulate the Limbic System of your brain* – Now blow out the candle and face the world with renewed dieting conviction! It is also a Massage Candle – rub a small amount of the melted wax onto the back of your hand, massage in for the continued benefits of the pure essential oil as you go about your day. This candle will burn for around 15 hours. Please burn responsibly in areas free from drafts. And never leave your candle unattended. *Disclaimer: Information and statements regarding Diet Boost Candle have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.


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