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Liporidex PM – Stimulant Free Thermogenic Weight Loss Formula Supplement Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant – The easy way to lose weight while you sleep fast! – 60 diet pills – 1 Box.


Liporidex® Nighttime Formula PM – Turbo Charge Your ResultsTM

Stimulant Free Fat Burner Formula

Non-sedating, all-natural body recomposition formula. Boost fat burning and reduce your appetite without the use of caffeine or ANY stimulants.

LipoRIDEX PM is an all-natural body recomposition formula that works fast, by suppressing your appetite, and naturally enhancing your body’s ability to increase lean muscle and burn fat, with a focus on stomach fat.

lipoRIDEX PM contains an all-natural mix of clinically proven ingredients that stop unnecessary hunger and help reduce the amount of body fat without keeping you awake at night. Enjoy a natural, peaceful sleep, while reducing fat in the process.


Although Liporidex PM is non-sedating, using it in the evening allows for appetite suppression without the usage of stimulants and the acceleration of evening fat burning, fat reduction and weight maintenance without the use of stimulants.
You should take 2 capsules of Liporidex PMwith a small amount of fat containing food.

After 15 minutes, follow with a tall glass of room temperature water.


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