Price : $95.54
Brand : Labrada

Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Vanilla Ice Cream 2.29oz packets (pack of 42)


If you’re looking for high-quality protein and wholesome nutrition – without a boatload of carbs – you’ve come to the right place. Carb Watchers Lean Body High-Protein MRP is an instant, delicious meal-replacement shake mix that has your needs in mind. It provides the extra protein and nutrients you want, without the extra carbohydrates or calories you don’t. Although carbs aren’t always the villains they’re made out to be, over-indulging in them can leave you feeling sluggish, bloated, and yes… a few pounds heavier than you planned. That’s where Carb Watchers Lean Body Hi-Protein MRP can help. It contains 50% fewer carbs than our original Lean Body MRP, while still providing 40 grams of our high-grade LeanPro protein and other essential ingredients. This includes “good” fats, healthy fiber, vitamins, and minerals. When you want a good-for-you low-carb meal anywhere, anytime, grab a Carb Watchers Lean Body Hi-Protein MRP packet and go.


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