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Intense Green Coffee Bean Extract 800 contains Green Coffee Antioxidant – 50% Chlorogenic Acid – Helps You Lose Weight By Boosting Metabolism, Controlling Appetite and Reducing Sugar Absorption – 800mg Veggie Capsules Made From Pure Unroasted Beans – One Month’s Supply 60 Capsules Per Bottle – Satisfaction Guaranteed – # HAPPY PRIME DAY SALE.


Forget cappuccinos and lattes! It’s green coffee everyone’s talking about these days–green coffee beans that is. The green coffee bean is causing a buzz as the latest breakthrough in nutrition, and even people like Celebrated TV Doctors are touting pure green coffee beans as weight loss miracles. Scientific studies have confirmed that pure green coffee can help people achieve their weight loss goals. The pure green coffee bean contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid that helps support weight loss by controlling appetite, interfering with the absorption of sugar in the digestive system and keeping the metabolism functioning at its best. Unfortunately, not all green coffee bean extract products let you fully benefit from green coffee beans. In fact, some green coffee bean pills just don’t work at all. If you truly want to get great results from using a pure green coffee bean extract, you can’t afford to choose any other green coffee extract than Bluestream Life. Why? Well, only our product is: – STANDARDIZED. Our supplement contains 50% chlorogenic acid per capsule. With other brands, you get much less or you can’t even be sure if you’re getting any of the antioxidant at all! – MAXIMUM STRENGTH. With our pure Intense Green Coffee Bean 800mg supplement, you get a powerful dose of weight loss supporting green coffee with every serving. You’ll take fewer pills per day and benefit from a stronger formula when you choose Bluestream Life. – UNROASTED & PURE. We only use unroasted Green Coffee Bean Extract and never add fillers, binders or any other artificial ingredients to our supplement. – GUARANTEED. Every bottle of our green coffee bean extract is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee! Don’t waste your money on green bean coffee extract products that just don’t work. Choose the pure Intense Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules that have earned rave reviews and that are 100% guaranteed. Order BluestreamsLife Green Coffee Bean Extract today !


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