Insanely Low Carb Box Set 190+ Ketogenic Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Desserts, Cast Iron, Slow Cooker / Crockpot Recipes


Complete Set Of Low Carb Recipes You Will Ever Need.

40 Cast Iron Skillet Recipes For Moms Who Cannot Wait – Prep under 30 minutes!

33 Slow Cooker Recipes For Workaholics – Set and Forget!

22 Special Crockpot Breakfast Recipes For Busy Mornings – Set, Sleep, Wake, Eat!

44 Miscellaneous Exquisite Recipes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Smoothie, Ice-Screams, Freezer Meals)

52 Soul Melting Desserts, Fat Bombs & Cookies – A Treat For Your Low Carb Journey!

191 Unique Recipes that make sure you never catch the carb fever again!

5 Star Review – “This is a Low Carber’s emporium! Each set is compiled up brilliantly. I had a hard time picking up the first recipe to try. Went for the Keto Buttery Sauce with Asparagus and I was an instant fan.” – Jim H.

5 Star Review – “Butter, Check! Bacon, Check! Chicken, Check! Beef, Check! Fish, Check! Veggies, Check! Desserts, Check! Sweets, Check! Wow, I love Keto and I love this collection!” – Leslie C.

5 Star Review – “It’s Christmas for Ketoers! This low carb box set is packed with a large variety of cooking methods, meal types and ingredients there is sure to be something for everyone.” Jamie F.

Some Finest Recipes You Can Enjoy:

Roasted Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Feta and Spinach Stuffed Chicken

Crockpot Spicy Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

Mozzarella and Pepperoni Pizza

Salmon Spread Squares

Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cups

Bacon Onion Cookies….and so much more!

A Low Carb, High Fat (or simply Ketogenic Diet) is a medically proven diet plan where you avoid all the high-mid carbohydrate intake from your daily diet and fill those with fats. By doing so, the body starts burning up the fats instead of the carbohydrate. The result? Reduced weight, slim and healthy YOU within weeks!

Other health benefits include :

Decreased intake of carbs help reduce appetite

Promotes healthy weight loss

Reduces visceral fat (the fat found in the abdominals)

Triglyceride levels typically drop

Increases the level of healthy cholesterol in your body

Maintains healthy levels of blood sugar and insulin levels

Helps aid in lowering blood pressure

All the ingredients are carefully laid out as per Ketogenic guidelines and maximum effort has been made to improve the accuracy of the nutritional chart.


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