I Want What She’s Having, Now!: Exactly How You Can Be So Hot & Healthy You’ll Barely Recognize Yourself


I Want What She’s Having, Now! is a no-nonsense, relatable call to action for people wanting to lose weight and become the healthiest version of themselves, both inside and out.

Tora Cullip and Donna Richards offer practical, realistic and long-lasting solutions to help you reach your confident weight and never go back. The book is focused on three central ideas for getting fast and lasting results:

How your MINDSET might have spoiled your weight loss attempts in the past but could be your biggest asset in the future

How to rev up your METABOLISM by following the Ten Commandments for looking hot and feeling healthy – plain-speaking rules for eating, exercising, and sleeping to get the body you want

How MOTIVATION isn’t a question of willpower but of WhyPower – and exactly where to find the weight loss incentives that actually work for you.

Liberally sprinkled with inspirational stories about people who’ve achieved their goals, I Want What She’s Having, Now! is the perfect guide for finding the weight you want and a life you’ll love.

Apply the principles in this book to be comfortable in your own skin and love what’s looking back at you!

“This book is like The Four Agreements for weight control” ~ Tess Masters, aka The Blender Girl

“I really DO want what she’s having! What woman doesn’t want to feel good in her own skin, clear in her mind and empowered in her body” ~ Lashaun Dale, senior national creative manager, Equinox Fitness

About the Authors

Tora Cullip is a qualified counselor, fitness professional and health coach, and Donna Richards is an international facilitator and coach. Between them they have over 30 years’ experience helping people improve their lives by encouraging them to change their thinking, see things from new perspectives, and start taking action. Having overcome their own weight struggles they now inspire, teach and motivate people around the world through their live events and online programs to lose weight and have body confidence. They especially enjoy working with women who want to be the best version of themselves, both inside and out. Originally from the U.K. and New Zealand respectively, they now divide their time between the U.K. and Australia.

Join their community at www.DonnaAndTora.com

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