HONEY? Let Me Explain: Everything you need to know, health benefits, remedies, recipes and more (4 Book 1)


Learn about one of the most interesting foods of mankind, Honey. Honey has always been lauded as a super-food, it contains all elements that are required to support and sustain life and is also a meal by itself. Processed from nectar by honey bees, honey is tasty as it is beneficial.

There are many things that you need to know about this wonderful food, such as the health benefits it provides, the nutrients it contains, the beauty aids you can make with it and so on. You can find plenty of information on the Net, but it is always good to have it all in a capsule for quick reference and guidance.

This book puts together some of the important facts and figures about this versatile super-food. You can enjoy insights that you may not have known, clear potential doubts and dissolve myths about honey. There is much to learn about the honey bees and honey; all of which you will find fascinating


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