Price : $10.99
Brand : PROTherapies

High Protein Vegetable Chili Mix – Low Carb (12g Protein) – 4 Servings/Pack



Our premium chili mix is fortified with a healthy blend of plant based protein, perfect for a veggie, vegan or Keto diet regiments. Designed for portion control
weight management, containing 12 grams of essential protein, offering a great way to nourish your body, and keep off unwanted pounds, without losing vital
nourishment Our nutritious chili is an enjoyable anytime meal topper, a great diet food for healthy living

✅ WHOLESOME NUTRITION – Wholesome ingredients promoting healthy cholesterol levels

✅ ROBUST FLAVOR – Our unique blend explodes with spicy flavor, just the way you like it

✅ MEAL SUBSTITUTE – High in protein and keeps you full, while alleviating food cravings

✅ MUSCLE FOOD – High protein snack great for fitness enthusiasts, body builders and more

✅ HIGH IN PROTEIN – 12 grams of energy packed protein that promotes lean muscle growth

✅ COMPLETE NUTRITION – This tasty soup supports healthy fat and sugar levels

✅ HIGHLY NUTRITIOS CHILI – Healthy topper mix for your spaghetti and noodle dishes

✅ STAY FILLED UP LONGER – Our protein chili mix pairs with most weight loss regiments

✅ INCREASED ENERGY – Provides a vital burst of sustainable energy to keep you going all day

✅ TO TRANS FATS | GLUTEN FREE – We have eliminated all unhealthy ingredients

How you feed and nourish your body can make a huge difference. Our delicious anytime meal replacements are great for active men and women or anyone
who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Rich in antioxidants and protein content, and promotes healthy weight loss, without missing out on vital
nutrients. Improve athletic performance, replenish nutrients, and keep those unwanted pounds off. Enjoy the healthy lifestyle that you deserve with our
tasty chili


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