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Brand : High Energy Solutions

High Energy Solutions Flush XS | Natural Diuretic with Potassium Flushes Excess Fluid From the Body | 60 Count


Fluid retention can happen for a whole host of reasons. Certain medications, hot weather, sitting in one place for too long or eating too much salt in your diet can all cause fluid retention. And that can lead to painful swelling in the joints, aching, stiffness and an unexpected weight gain. High Energy Solutions Flush XS harnesses the best nature has to offer to help the body eliminate excess fluid. Our specially formulated blend stimulates kidney function and helps reduce the amount of water and salt that the kidneys reabsorb into the bloodstream. Flush XS combines natural diuretics like dandelion, green tea, apple cider vinegar, cranberries , juniper berries and watermelon into an easy to take capsule. Flush XS also contains potassium, which keeps your potassium levels in the normal range. When taking Flush XS, be sure to drink plenty of water in order to effectively flush the excess sodium from your system. High Energy Solutions Flush XS is most effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle habits like reducing your salt intake and getting more exercise. And as always, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider. They will monitor your potassium levels and kidney function to make sure that everything stays in the normal range as you take a diuretic. It is not recommended to take diuretics over a long period of time. Buy High Energy Solutions Flush XS today and enjoy a better quality of life today! As always, best of health! Chris @ High Energy Solutions


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