Healthy Recipes Box Set: The Best 100 Healthy Recipes! Eat Healthy and Lose Weight (Crockpot Recipes, soup recipes, Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes)


BOOK #1: Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 17 Veggie Pressure Cooker Recipes for Tastier and Healthier Meals

In this book, I will explain vegetarian pressure cooker recipes in detail and provide you with some of its most popular ones. These recipes is reflected by some certain criteria such as: how healthy these dishes are, how often people mention them, and what type of feedback these recipes are receiving.

BOOK #2: 5 2 Diet Recipes: Experience The Incredibly Powerful Benefits of Fasting With a Variety of Healthy Dishes

The 5:2 diet is a very effective diet plan. It is based around the concept of intermittent fasting; where you restrict your calories for two days, then eat normally for five days.

For those who have trouble “fasting” the 5:2 diet is like a breath of fresh air.

In this book you will find:

  • A Brief Introduction to the 5: 2 Diet
  • A Basic Understanding of the 5:2 Diet
  • Why Detoxification is Good For Your Body
  • Questions and Answers on the 5:2 Diet
  • Healthy Fasting Foods and Suggestions
  • Ten Fasting Recipes to Try

BOOK #3: Low Carb Diet Cookbook:35 Easy to Make and Delicious Recipes to Boost Your Energy and Improve Your Life

The Low Carb Diet Cookbook is a simple guide to inspire and motive you to shed unhealthy eating habits and lose weight in the process.

Using cutting-edge appetite curbing techniques and the most delicious recipes you’ve ever tasted, this cookbook is a self-help book and must-have kitchen resource all-in-one!

BOOK #4: Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes: 25 Top Rated Recipes for a Healthier Lifestyle

The Paleo diet is a diet that allows you to return to the diet you were genetically programmed to follow. It’s really as simple as that.

Follow this diet, and you will never need to “diet” again. Once you start eating in this manner, you won’t miss the overly processed foods that were once a staple in your diet.

The Paleo diet is a diet everyone can follow. Our ancestors had no choice but to follow a diet such as this because they had to live off the land. Things like refined sugars, salt, dairy products, fatty meats and processed foods were simply not available.

BOOK #5: Soup Recipes: 25 Easy, Delicious & Healthy Soups Recipes That Will Help You Slash Calories Without Feeling Hungry

Did you know that soup can actually be healthy for you? Do you ignore recipes because you think the dishes will take too long to make?

This e-book will show you 25 terrific, healthy soups that you can make, even if you’ve never read a recipe before.

From cold summer soups to warm and comforting winter favorites, soup is a part of a healthy diet, and helps you feel fuller – longer.

BOOK #6: CrockPot Recipes: The 25 Best Clean Eating Crockpot Recipes

This handy book contains proven ways to cook meals consistent with clean eating, in your crockpot. You can eat healthier and be leaner. These healthy, tasty meals will help you in gaining control over your eating habits, allowing you to transform your diet from constant snacking to eating the ingredients that your body needs.

BOOK #7: The Gluten Free Guide: How to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly

This book focuses on the parameters of the gluten-free diet that’s commonly used for those who suffer from celiac disease, a dangerous allergy to wheat gluten. It also will provide you with fantastic recipes to get you started that are easy and enjoyable, and the best part is that they’re geared toward helping you lose weight without feeling deprived!

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