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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Premium Natural Dietary Supplement – Supports Healthy Weight Loss – Appetite Suppressant, Boosts Metabolism, & Increases Energy – 800mg – 60 Capsules


Improve your weight loss potential and curb your appetite all with one daily supplement – green coffee bean extract.

Losing weight today is difficult. We live busier lives and are constantly on the go with work, kids, family obligations, and a thousand other things. That’s why we need to support our weight loss efforts with an all-natural supplement designed to help you kick the fast food and the soft drinks and simply focus on you – Green Coffee Bean Extract by Bio Optimum.

Bio Optimum Green Coffee Bean Extract is designed using all-natural ingredients that contain a smaller amount of caffeine, but still give you premium energy to go about your day and accomplish your tasks. More than that, it curbs your appetite so you don’t settle for those gas station hot dogs or unhealthy nachos.

If you’re ready to boost your metabolism, improve your weight loss potential, and keep your cravings under control, the only dietary supplement you need today is Green Coffee Bean Extract by Bio Optimum.

Ways our Bio Optimum Green Coffee Bean Extract supports your health:

· Promotes safe, healthy weight loss

· Low caffeine formula so you don’t suffer jitters or shakes

· All-natural vegetable capsules (60)

· 800mg w/GCA

· Increases energy and boosts metabolism

· Suppresses appetite

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