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Brand : Foundation Training

Foundation Training 2 DVD Set – Fundamentals and Daily Workouts


Foundation Training 2 DVD Set – Fundamentals and Daily Workouts

This 2 DVD disc set contains over 2.5 hours of action packed instruction. The first disc features our fundamental Foundation Training exercises that will teach you the basics of proper movement and help you move toward a structurally integrated body. From here you will advance to the second disc where you will find more intense workouts and a variety of routines to match your specific daily needs. There are several workouts on the DVDs that are under 10 minutes and incredibly effective. In this set you will learn the remarkably valuable skills of anchoring the pelvis and decompressing the torso, two principles that are not present in our original DVD. The discs are separated into short duration learning sequences on Disc 1, and challenging daily workouts on Disc 2. You will see the addition of several exercises that have never been seen before such as the 8 Point Plank, Anchored Bridge, Gorilla Lift and Supine Decompression. The value of the information in this DVD set will stay with you for life, as you learn Foundation Training as it is taught now your physical life will change forever.

  • Media: DVD
  • Format: NTSC, Region Free
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 168 minutes
  • Release Date: February 2014

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