Brand : Quality Nature

Forskolin 250mg – All Natural Pure – Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss – Standardized to 20% in One Capsule – Forskolin Maximum Strength


Each 250 mg capsule of Forskolin Extarct for Weight Loss contains 50 mg of potent and naturally extracted Coleus Forskohlii root extracts. With 60 servings per bottle and 2 Forskolin capsule servings per day, the Forskolin Weight Loss Supplement provides a complete weight loss course for 30 days! The Forskolin extract activates the Adenylate Cyclase enzyme which increasing the body’s level of cyclic adenosine mono-phosphates (cAMPs). As a result, thyroid hormones trigger metabolic mechanisms speed up the process of burning fat. The root extracts of the herbal plant, Plectranthus barbatus (a.k.a Coleus Forskohlii) have been used by medical practitioners since ancient times. Research shows that Forskolin not only boosts weigh loss but is also helpful in controlling high blood pressure and appetite suppression.


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