EAT BEAUTIFUL: Grain-free, Sugar-free and Loving It


The Eat Beautiful: Grain-free, Sugar-Free and Loving It cookbook contains everything you need to get started, including delicious recipes, helpful tips and inspiration! Featuring over 100 recipes free from grains and sugar, this collection also has dozens of recipes free of nuts, dairy, eggs, coconut and more. Whatever your food intolerance, this recipe book has a feast or treat for you. Stuck in a rut with almond butter, almond flour and coconut flour? Need a new baking technique that’s healthier, easier to digest and super easy to put together? Eat Beautiful: Grain-free, Sugar-free and Loving It shares with you this new approach to grain-free baking! The technique is fast, easy, creates a great texture in baked goods and most importantly, provides easy-to-digest nutrition. The cookbook is primarily a book of treats. While eating a diet of bone broth soups (as is the case with the healing GAPS and AIP diets), or any healing diet inherent with limitations, it is helpful to have muffins, custards, sauces, cakes, porridges, scones, cookies, pies, gelatins and beverages to enliven meals. These are the treats the author also serves at her gut-healing cafe, located in Eugene, Or. Megan teaches these recipes through her cooking classes, too. The cookbook does contain savory goodies as well: convenient meat and veggie muffins for whole foods snacks on the go, big casseroles and pizza for special dinners, loaf bread, and simple, hearty breakfasts that aren’t sweet. The goal of the book is to empower those on grain-free, sugar-free diets to succeed, to feel free instead of deprived! It is a book that will equip you to make every meal into a feast. Whether you’re on a healing diet or just want easy-to-digest, no sugar treats, this book is sure to please, educate and nourish.


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