Diet Recipes Box Set: 130+ Delicious Vegan, Crock pot, Paleo and Other Weight Loss Recipes (Vegan Recipes, Wheat Free, Ketogenic Diet)


BOOK #1: Ketogenic Diet: 28 Delicious Ketogenic Diet Recipes to Reduce Your Weight Efficiently

When starting a new diet, it can be stressful trying to work out what to cook for dinner, let alone what to have for breakfast. There are rules to follow, foods you can and can’t eat, and how often you should eat. Sometimes this is why people stop following a diet – who wants something complicated in their already busy lives?

Never fear – not only is the Ketogenic diet easy to follow, the recipes you will find in this book are delicious as well as easy to prepare and cook.

BOOK #2: Vegan Recipes: 25 Simple and Easy to Make Vegan Recipes for Beginners

Choosing the vegan life with purposeful awareness can be both gratifying and challenging at once. Choosing a vegan lifestyle requires you to make a commitment to live a healthier life while having a positive effect on the world around you. This is not only a simple, healthy diet change; this is an oath you take to earnestly scrutinize every aspect of your life. It is not only animal-free food that is part of our search, but also our choices in cosmetic products, clothing etc. These are all principal parts of living the vegan lifestyle.

It rarely happens that someone changes to a complete vegan lifestyle in a matter of moments.

BOOK #3: Wheat Free: 28 Delicious Grain-Free Recipes to Lose Wheat, Reduce Your Weight, and Become Healthier

Wheat can cause your belly to swell; not only, but it can also make you feel tired, inefficient and lacking in energy. Our modern diet, especially when it comes to ready-made meals, is far too rich in wheat and gluten. Many people are allergic to it, even more people are intolerant to it. If, for example, you feel drowsy and need a nap after a plate of pasta, the chances are that you have a gluten intolerance.

BOOK #4: Crock Pot: 48 Absolutely Amazing Crockpot Recipes for Weight Loss

No matter what your condition is regarding the idea of weight loss or fitness, you definitely need to be able to develop a good consistent weight control program and diet for yourself. Research had shown that so many people tend to find this issue of weight loss a difficult task. Some people start on diets which are completely wrong or tend to work contrary to the goal of losing weight. This in most cases is usually as a result of wrong orientation regarding what they need to maintain as their weight control diet.

BOOK #5: Clean Food Diet: 12 Amazing Lessons to Avoid Processed Food, Start Eating Clean, and Reduce Your Weight

Is clean eating just another fad diet? Absolutely not! You don’t have to go to regular meetings, or count every calorie that passes through your lips, and you definitely don’t have to go without all those tasty little morsels that other diets tell you to stay away from at all costs. No, clean eating is simply about changing the way you eat by utilizing healthy foods that feed and nourish your body.

BOOK #6: Paleo Recipes: 28 Quick and Easy to Prepare Paleo Recipes to Help You Get Rid of Fat

There’s no need to cut down on flavour to get rid of unwanted fat, or to have a fully healthy, nutritious and energetic diet! Paleo eating, by simply selecting the ingredients that are good for our bodies and for our minds offers a great alternative to tiresome and boring diets if you wish to lose the extra pound. All the recipes in paleo diet are very nutritious, but they avoid those ingredients that end up being stored up in the wrong places in our body, like saturated fats and refined sugars. It’s just a matter of choice.

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