Diabetes Box Set: 28 of the Healthiest Foods for Diabetics. Fight Diabetes and Overcome the 12 Most Common Diabetes Mistakes. 25 Atkins Diet Recipes (diabetes, diabetes diet, diabetes books)


BOOK #1: Diabetes Diet: 28 of the Healthiest Foods for Diabetics. Learn What to Eat and Drink and What to Avoid

Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Let’s face it, diabetes is a tough disease. But just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy your favorite foods and flavors. It’s more about making smart choices that will help you manage your diabetes, improve your overall health and help you live the life you want to lead.

BOOK #2: Herbal Antibiotics: How to Use the 15 Amazing Natural Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals That Are Hiding in Your Kitchen

It is not only the medical professionals that are debating the uses of antibiotics. There is still a large grey area surrounding how viral and bacterial infections can be diagnosed simply from the symptoms. The subject of over prescribing antibiotics is a debate that remains buoyant amongst medical and health professionals and one that is also kept at the forefront with more superbugs being detected that bear resistance to all types of antibiotics. There is the added problem of those patients that have built up a resistance to antibiotics either from overuse or some form of allergy.

BOOK #3: Quick Easy Recipes: 20 Delicious Quick and Easy Recipes That You can Make with Less than 5 Ingredients

If you are like me then you are probably skeptical and maybe cannot really believe that it is possible to create a meal with just 5 ingredients. If this is your view then you can prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Quick Easy Recipes – 20 Delicious Quick and Easy Recipes That You can Make with Less than 5 Ingredients has been designed to provide you with a complete understanding of how you can implement 5 ingredient meals into your life and all of the benefits that you stand to gain.

BOOK #4: Homeopathic Remedies: 25 Incredibly Useful Natural Home Remedies for Treating Seasonal Allergies

With more than 58 million seasonal allergy sufferers in America alone, it is no surprise that a lot more people are looking for natural home remedies to deal with the unpleasant symptoms of an allergy. From herbs to spices, to foods and drinks, there are a large number of remedies you can try. Of course, you do need to know how to use them, and that’s where this book comes in handy.

BOOK #5: Atkins Diet: 25 Amazing Atkins Diet Recipes to Easily Start the Atkins Diet and Learn the Atkins Diet Tips for Beginners

How important is what we consume as food to our body? Indeed I would say, very important. In fact, what we consume determines how healthy and alive we are. What we eat and drink are a reflection of who we are, what we are and a whole lot of other things. This is how important the issue of our kinds of foods and drinks are. This is why we need to place close attention to this issue.

BOOK #6: Diabetes: Learn How to Fight Diabetes and Overcome the 12 Most Common Diabetes Mistakes

Are you diabetic? Do you know someone who is suffering from Diabetes? Or you have someone very close who had died from this gruesome ailment? Do you like many other people have the belief that diabetes is the fastest killer one can ever imagine? You have just made the right choice in acquiring this book. And I commend you for your decision. Amongst other very important information locked up within the pages of this book, you will be able to learn one very important truth – Diabetes is not a killer disease and can be well managed.

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