Price : $102.30
Brand : designs for health

Designs for Health Exogenous Ketones + Ginseng for Energy & Cognitive Support – Keto-Nootropic Powder (540g)


Keto-Nootropic is a powerful blend of exogenous ketones (in the form of beta-hydroxybutyrate salts) and a patented American ginseng extract, delivered in a delicious and easy-to-dose powdered drink mix. This nootropic formula is intended to support healthy cognition, sharp focus and acuity. It is a fast-acting, readily available, carbohydrate-free fuel source for muscle and brain, yielding immediate and sustained energy fuel. Keto-Nootropic also contains citric acid and malic acid, Krebs cycle intermediates which may help facilitate mitochondrial energy generation. This product offers the benefits of ketone support without the carbohydrate restriction.*


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