Dash Diet: Dash Diet For Beginners: Easy 123 Recipes and 2 Weeks Diet Plan (Dash Diet for Weight loss and for a Heart Healthy, Dash Diet Cookbook, Dash Diet Recipes)


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The world of diets and dieting is a strange and confusing place. For many the thought of going on a diet is alien and unnatural while others are desperately searching for the one diet that will solve all their problems and be easy to implement in their busy lives.

Developed for life long health and well-being the DASH Diet was promoted by the National Institute of health to be a well balanced nutrient rich diet based on whole foods and no fillers. The idea behind the diet was to help people lower blood pressure, reduce the risk for stroke, cancer and a wide range of illnesses as well as be easy to implement and follow.

For the past six years the DASH Diet has been the clear cut winner over all other diets.This diet is praised by all in its ability to lower hypertension, stress, high blood pressure and other harmful conditions that lead many of us to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In this book you will learn the foundation for the Dash Diet. You will learn why this diet should be consumed and who should consume it. After we feed your brain with knowledge we will give you a 2 weeks step by step DASH diet plan that can help you to kick start your journey to good health! In addition, the diet plan can be easily modified to suit your unique lifestyle.

Not to mention, we have 123 DASH recipes that are easy to make.

We have:

  • 31 Breakfast recipes
  • 31 Lunch recipes
  • 31 Dinner recipes
  • 15 Desserts recipes
  • 15 Smoothies recipes

FULL nutritional breakdown in all the recipes so you can keep track of your calories!

Now, lets recap what you will get in this one book. You will receive all the information necessary on DASH Diet, a 2 week DASH diet plan that can be easily tailored to your taste, 123 DASH Diet recipes, and a Bonus book to help you loss weight.

All in one book for the price of $3.99

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