COCONUT OIL: 50 Weight Loss Shakes: Lose Weight Naturally With Coconut Oil And Coconut Milk Smoothies (Coconut Oil Recipes, Weight Loss Smoothies) (Smoothie Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss)


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Coconut Oil Weight Loss Shakes

Have you heard all the hype about how coconut oil is so effective for weight loss? Do you believe it? If not, you should. If you were to visit the places in the world where their diet is predominately coconut, you are going to see some of the healthiest people alive.

Coconut is a superfood and should be a part of everyone’s daily diet whether you want to lose weight or not.

Why Is Coconut So Great?

MCT’s that is why. Medium chain triglycerides are the magic inside coconut. These fats are processed differently in our body and basically go straight to energy. Your body loves MCT’s and burns them instead of storing them as fat.

When you combine coconut oil with a healthy diet you almost guarantee yourself weight loss. This is one food that is not a fad and actually lives up to its claims. It also has antiviral properties, helps protect you against certain diseases and just tastes really darn good.

There is also the fact coconut can help boost your metabolism. A fully functioning metabolism basically makes you a fat burning machine capable of enjoying the treats you want without the negative side effects.

Coconut is also a great for helping you get rid of extra baby weight after your pregnancies as it is safe for you and baby. It actually enhances breast milk so your baby gets everything they need while you get to lose weight and stay healthy.

Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

The recipes inside have all the ingredients listed right in the title so you can immediately jump to the ones you love. You will most likely not love every recipe inside which is why you have 50 weight loss smoothies to choose from.

Don’t be afraid to substitute in other fruits you love or add more coconut oil or coconut milk to the recipes. When you love the healthy food you eat, you will forget about all the junk you used to eat. There are some combinations inside you may never have even imagined trying but try them anyway. You never know what you will love!

There are even weight loss shakes inside with chocolate in them. Dark chocolate actually because not only does it add flavor but has a host of health benefits also. Now you can lose weight and eat chocolate.

Some recipes just have coconut milk, but you can add coconut oil if you want to and should aim for 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day either through cooking or weight loss smoothies.

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