Clean Eating Cookbook: 148 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Smoothie Recipes (Complete Collection with 80+ Bonus Weight Loss and Recipe Books)


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Are you curious about the clean eating movement that everyone is talking about? Are you a seasoned expert that just wants some new recipes?

Clean Eating Cookbook For All

No matter where you are at in your clean eating journey this cookbook (one in a series of three) will provide you the variety and flavor you are looking for. I mean let’s face it. We all stop eating healthy when we get bored because typically we all eat the same thing every day.

Maybe it is because we think it is just easier or it might be because we just don’t have the recipes we need. Problem solved. The recipes inside will show you how delicious and easy it is to eat clean while actually liking it.

Why Eat Clean For Life?

First let’s define what clean eating even is. Eating clean is a lifestyle based on consuming only whole, natural food and avoiding foods with high sugar or chemical content. Basically, you are avoiding refined processed foods which many of us survive on vs. the raw food we should be.

Just some of the benefits of a clean eating diet are:

  • Healthy weight loss – no pills or gimmicks needed
  • Fewer mood swings 
  • Increased and consistent energy – no more sugar highs and lows
  • Glowing skin
  • Improved brain function – be mentally sharper and less forgetful

There is a life waiting for you that is free from fatigue, headaches, aches and pains and that general feeling of never being 100% healthy. It might take some work to get used to a clean eating lifestyle but stick with it and reap the rewards.

When you choose to eat clean, you are choosing your health first. We were never meant to eat things that take weeks or even a year to spoil. Now you can enjoy your healthy food with these delicious recipes and the all the benefits that come with them.

Clean Eating Smoothies

I’m busy. You’re busy. Who has time to do what it takes to make a healthy meal day in and day out? I didn’t and it started to negatively affect my health. Even then, I still didn’t seem to take the time to eat the food I knew I needed to eat.

I faced what many people faced. The news that something needed to change immediately or else. That was many years ago and I have to say that smoothies may well have saved my life.


Just Some Of The Smoothie Recipes You Will Discover Inside

You might not love them all, but I would guess you are going to find some new favorites.

  • Clean Blueberry Cheese Smoothie
  • Almond-Quinoa Smoothie
  • Cinnamon Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
  • Peach Walnut Pie Smoothie
  • Minty Strawberry Smoothie
  • Spicy Cantaloupe Tea Smoothie
  • Blueberry Carrot-Cucumber Smoothie

Ready To Get Clean?

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