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Brand : Belly Blaster

Carb Blocker Plus-Appetite Suppressant and Carb Blocker, 120 Capsules, 30 Day Supply, Contains White Kidney Bean Extract (Carbohydrate Blocker) and Garcinia Cambogia (Belly Fat Burner) to Burn Even More Calories, Burn More Fat and Have Faster Metabolism, Weight Loss Hack of 2015


Carb Blocker Plus

Maximum strength. Carbohydrate blocker. Healthy weight loss. Glucose control. White Kidney Bean from Genetic Solutions is a pure extract of Phaseolus Vulgaris, which is a highly nutritious source of fiber and minerals, and has been shown to interfere with the absorption of starchy complex carbohydrates (pasta, breads, potatoes, etc). Phaseolus Vulgaris inhibits an enzyme known as alpha-amylase, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down starches. Research studies have also shown that this fiber not only helps to increase stool bulk, but may also help prevent digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.


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