Brand : Precise Portions

BFA-Free Plastic Portion Control Bundle Pack – Includes 2 Sets of MyPlate for Kids, Bowls and Cups with Lids – Parent’s Nutrition Learning Guide for Kids from Show ‘N Tell Flash Cards


Show ‘N Tell Know-It-All Complete Nutrition Pack from Precise Portions set of 2 This pack turns your kitchen (and the family taxi!) into healthy eating headquarters! The dinnerware is entertaining and will entice toddlers to match the pre-marked serving sizes on the bowl, cup, plate and saucer. The utensils embedded in the plate cover making eating on the run easy and healthy with simple clean up. And life is a little easier with the parent’s nutrition guidebook. Colorful, easy-to-read charts and diagrams make quick work of conveying a cornucopia of nutritional information. Your included nutrition wheels and 52 colorful flash cards are so much fun to play with that your little ones won’t even realize they are learning how to eat right! The Show ‘N Tell Know-It-All Complete Nutrition Pack includes: Plate, Bowl and Cup w/Lid/Utensils, Saucer (Set of 2) in BPA-Free Plastic Nutrition Game Wheels (1 Set-2) Show ‘n Tell Flash Cards (pk 52) Parent’s Show ‘n Tell Nutrition Guidebook (36 pages)


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