Price : $49.99
Brand : Earth Medica

Best Forskolin Supplement for Weight Loss, FORSKOLIN RESCUE- Pure Premium Quality All Natural Fat Burner Diet Pills Assist to Burn Belly Fat. 250mg Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract 20% Standardized


Forskolin is found in the roots of an herbal plant from the mint family. Researchers have found that forskolin helps to promote the breakdown of stored fats in animal and human fat cells and aids losing weight. It may also release fatty acids from adipose tissue, which results in increased thermogenesis, resulting in loss of body fat and, theoretically, increased lean body mass. Forskolin Rescue is standardized to 20% and is 250mg per serving. Forskolin Rescue is manufactured in a GMP Certified Organic Facility and is Third Party tested for Purity and Product Integrity. A Belly Blasting Supplement that ignites the body’s metabolism and helps melt belly fat.


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