Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes Vol. 2: Over 30 Atkins Recipes For All Phases & Includes Atkins Induction Recipes (Atkins Diet Cookbook)


If you are looking for more Atkins Diet recipes to further support your weight loss and low-carb lifestyle, this cookbook is here to help!

In Volume 2 of the bestselling “Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes” series, you will receive a whole-new set of mouthwatering, 30-Minute recipes for all phases you and your family will come to crave.

Every recipe comes with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and details like carbs and calories… so you can also track your calorie intake, if you like to.

In addition, you’ll also get the 5-Step Atkins Diet Action Plan that turns your body into an amazing fat burning machine, so you can begin to shed the excess pounds easily, quickly and without confusion.

Kiss goodbye to spending hours in the kitchen preparing for the next low-carb meal. With this Atkins Diet cookbook, you will find it a breeze to whip up delicious, fat-burning meals within the next 30 minutes or less… even if you’ve never cooked before.

To Get Started, Simply Grab Your Copy of This Cookbook Today And Turn Your Dream of Having The Ideal Body Into Reality!


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