Atkins and Paleo Recipes Box Set (4 in 1): Introduction to Best Diets – Atkins, Practical Paleo with Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Cast Iron, and Slow Cooker … Weight Loss (Atkins Diet & Paleo Recipes)


Atkins and Paleo Recipes Box Set (4 in 1)

Book One: Atkins Diet For Busy People: Time Saving Tips and Recipes For Healthy Weight Loss

This book will help you focus your time on the things that matter most to you while remaining faithful to your weight loss goals.

In addition to the great recipes provided you’ll get tips and tricks to help you cut down on preparation time, and even save you space in the refrigerator and pantry. Imagine it! Less time spent in the grocery store and at your kitchen counter chopping vegetables.

Book Two: Practical Paleo for Busy People: Delicious Recipes for Your Slow Cooker that are Low Carb and Gluten Free! (NOW WITH IMAGES)

Too many people think that the Paleo diet and lifestyle is too complicated, with too much work to be effective. They worry that they will not find foods to eat outside of the home and fret that they just do not have the time to cook the meals that the need.

Then there is another set of people- the ones who are absolutely mystified by the process of cooking. They shudder to think of the disasters that will befall them if they are forced into the kitchen for more than a light snack. Give these people a recipe with more than a few ingredients and they will probably panic.

But, cheer up! This book is the perfect answer to both types of people and for everybody else as well! Your slow cooker is about to become the perfect solution to your new Paleo lifestyle or a welcome addition to it if you are an old pro by now. Everything from fast and simple breakfasts to elegant dinners and even snacks and desserts is covered here and most will require no more than a few ingredients and a few minutes of hands on time. Your slow cooker will do the rest.

Book Three: The 31-Day Paleo Diet Challenge with Cast Iron Skillet Recipes: One Paleo Diet Recipe for Every Day of the Month Using Cast Iron Skillets

Are you ready for the challenge? This book contains more than 31 recipes that you can choose from; each recipe is paleo diet friendly and is best cooked with an iron cast skillet. If you have always wanted to try the paleo diet then what better way to start by test running the diet with one paleo recipe a day!

Paleo diet is one of the most popular and practiced diets today. It may be the diet used by our cavemen ancestors thousands of years ago but it is gaining recognition today because of the benefits for our health and well-being. It can lower the risk for various diseases and increase the resistance of your immune system.

By using protein rich, natural ingredients and paleo-friendly alternatives, you can have a diet that has all the advantages of diets today without the many drawbacks. It can reduce fat while creating building mass. It is healthy without sacrificing flavors. Ingredients are available in your average grocery and supermarket.

Book Four: Living Paleo: The Low Carb Lifestyle Weight Loss Plan from Ancient Man

We all have heard of the caveman days; when humanity was operating as a hunter-gatherer, finding and eating all day long the things he could find, pick, kill, burn, and eat. In those times, you couldn’t even wait around to bake bread.

If you want a return to the healthy, lean, tasty life, pick up this book. If you are hoping to understand better the reasons so many people are changing their lifestyles, this is the book for you. And if cooking extravagant meals just isn’t your style, this hunter-gatherer gig is right up your alley, so gather up this book and hunt no more for the perfect appetite-pleasing diet for you.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• How the Diet Earned the Nickname ‘Paleo’.

• What Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables are Optimal for the Dietary Decision

• The Poisons We’ve been Eating, and Didn’t Even Know it!

• What Makes ‘Paleo’ Palatable?

• How to Think Like a ‘Cave Man’

• ‘Paleo’ Changes beyond the Diet

• And Much More


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