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Amino Diet 30 day Weight Loss program – lose 15-30 pounds (Diabetes Guidebook)


The Amino Diet has many thousands of incredible success stories:

“Amino diet was by far the most simplistic eating plan I have ever been on, I lost on average .5 lbs per day and seeing results every day kept me motivated. In one year I lost 102 lbs! I love the Amino Diet, and without question it works for anyone if you work the plan.” Amber A.

After losing 32 pounds Tomi said, “Some young men whistled at me in the parking lot…for a grandma that’s epic! Hahaha. “You look great!” is a pretty common one! I am in love with my new weight and my Amino Diet. You guys rock!” Tomi

What is the Amino Diet? This doctor created weight loss program combines a moderate calorie low glycemic eating plan (eating lots of choices of lean meats, some cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and legumes) with homeopathic oral drops and all natural supplements to stabilize your blood sugar levels which can help you lose weight fast! The 30 day weight loss program is perfect for anyone who has 10 to 25 pounds to quickly lose. If you are looking to lose more weight, we recommend either the 60 or 90 day Amino Diet Programs also available on Amazon.

The 30 Day Amino Diet Program Includes: A 52 page Amino Diet Guide Book Written by Dr. Finsand, creator of the Amino Diet. It is available in English (Regular Version), Vegetarian, Spanish or for pre or type 2 diabetics, and is included with your purchase. One 1.86 fl oz. Bottle Amino Diet Plus These oral drops helps suppress appetite, boost metabolism and helps you feel great. One Bottle Dual Support (60 Capsules) This unique formulation helps balance your body, support liver detoxification, and helps achieve maximum weight loss. UNLIMITED Coaching Support! Our health Coaches help you reach your goals by email, online or by phone.


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