Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: The Alzheimer’s Book – a guide to any Alzheimer’s Caregivers


This is not because you forgot your keys, an important date, a birthday or the name of someone that you automatically suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This occasional forgetfulness is normal at any age and is generally linked to inattention. If they are frequent, they may mask a depressive or anxious state. Only tests performed by a doctor can determine if you suffer from a real memory disorder or something else like Alzheimer.

Many experiments found that Alzheimer’s disease results from an infectious process related to consumption of meat or other food but we don’t really know the exact cause. One thing for sure is that we know if we want to reduce or even prevent any problem related to Alzheimer we need to have a healthy lifestyle. It is through practicing healthy lifestyle that we can manage the risk factors contributing to the development of the deceases such as cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, etc. and eventually Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia among the elderly; it represents about 65% of dementia cases. The term encompasses dementia, health good in general, problems marked by an irreversible decline of mental faculties. Alzheimer’s disease is distinguished from other dementias by the fact that it develops gradually and mainly affects short-term memory in its infancy. However, the diagnosis is not always easy and it can be difficult for physicians to differentiate Alzheimer’s disease dementia from “Lewy bodies,” for example.

Alzheimer’s disease affects about 1% of people aged 65 to 69, 20% of those aged 85to 89 years and 40% of those 90 years to 95 years. It is estimated that1in 8 menand1 in 4 women will suffer in their lives. In so far as women live longer, they are more likely to be reach edit one day. Due to the extension of life expectancy, the disease is becoming more common. It is estimated that within 20 years, the number of sufferers will double. This statistics is an alarm not to scare you but call for simple actions to avoid this disease.

Don’t wait any longer. The best way to fight and win is to understand your enemies. With this cookbook you will really learn and see how easy is to have much healthy life style which will be beneficial not only for you but also your family and friends. You will prevent many diseases not just one!

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