Price : $29.95
Brand : LynFit Nutrition

Accelerator with Raspberry Ketones, Chocolate Bean Powder and Green Tea Extract – 60 Tablets


LynFit’s Accelerator with Raspberry Ketones is a unique specially blended supplement that helps boost the fat burning process and is more effective than single nutrient supplements.

This special blend of herbs and nutrients acts as a catalyst to jump-start your metabolism and create a feeling of fullness to enhance the fat burning process. Includes natural ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones, Chocolate Bean Powder and Green Tea Leaf Extract that stimulate the body’s metabolism to burn fat and increase weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones, combined with Green Tea Leaf Extract and Caffeine, helps your body shuttle nutrients into your cells for better absorption.
Superior to alternatives because of the perfect blend of top-quality ingredients so your body never adapts. This blended ingredient approach is safer, healthier, less expensive and achieves better results than if you were to purchase and take their ingredients separately.

LynFIT’s Accelerator is made from the highest quality premium ingredients so you’ll need less than other store bought brands and you’ll see better results.
Key ingredients in this supplement’s special formula (including Raspberry Ketones) may help rid your body of cellulite by ridding your body of excess water, balance blood sugar levels and generate the energy you need to complete exercise with greater ease.
Struggling to lose those last stubborn pounds? Fighting a sluggish metabolism? Struggling with hunger and cravings? Would you like to incinerate cellulite in problem areas?


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