40 Desserts Under 150 Calories: Quick and Easy Healthy and Delicious Treats Made Low Carb (Low Carb Desserts)


Are you tired of avoiding sweets, but still want to keep the weight off? Sick and tired of denying your cravings?

Right now, you are probably wondering just where I am going with these questions. After all, to keep the weight off you know you have to stay away from your favorite sweets or do you?

Low carb diets used to be considered a fad diet, but not any longer as they have been proven time after time to work in not only getting the weight off, but keeping it off. The key though is staying true to your low carb lifestyle, which you might assume means no more sweets. However, you would be wrong and by taking the time to read this book you will find out why.

Low carb diets require you to cut out all bad carbs, as well as reduce or eliminate your sugar intake. But that doesn’t mean you have to give p sweets altogether. What this means for you is that you need to find healthier alternatives for your baking. Inside this book you are going to find plenty of useful information to help you make the switch to low carb treats, as well as some tired and true recipes to get you started on your journey.

Inside You Will Learn: :

  • The increase of sociability
  • How to use baking substitutions
  • Tips for getting started
  • No bake low carb recipes
  • Favorite pie recipes
  • Moist cakes
  • Cookie recipes

Once you learn how easy low carb baking is there will be no stopping you. Learning how to make your favorite low carb treats will make sticking to your diet easier.

Don’t wait another minute. Learn the secret to low carb baking by simply downloading this book today.


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