Price : $30.67
Brand : Fitne diet tea

4 Pack 40 = 160 Fitne Herbal TEA Slimming Diet / Weight Loss Original Flavour. Amazing From Thailand


Fitne Herbal Tea is a natural herb extracts and taken before bedtime servesas a laxative. Presently, many herbs are used for the preparation of laxatives.Leaves and pods of senna have been widely used for centuries.

Fitne herbal the best natural ingredients help laxative and loosen the bowels by providing constipation relief and promoting regularity of motions, prevents accumulattion of fat, no side effects stomach.

Condition : Brand new & Never used with a seal pack
Quantity : 40 laxative tea bags contains in one pack

: 4 x 40 = 160 tea bags

MUAY THAI weight loss slimminglaxative

It is an herbal tea 100% natural, healthy and refreshing, which has, in addition to its laxative properties, that of preventing colon cancer.

70% Senna leaves, pods Senn a 25% (without additives, colorings or flavor enhancer).
Direction :

Infuse a tea bag for 10-20 minutes in 150ml. of boiling water, and drink after the evening meal or preferably before bedtime


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