Price : $24.95
Brand : SDB Salud da Bienestar

2 PACK Semilla de Brasil Brazil Seed Supplement for 6 Months of Use 100% Authentic Brasil Seed All Natural Supplement Pure Brazilian Nut la original para adelgazar de SdB Salud da Bienestar – 2 Month


SdB Semilla de Brasil is a Brazilian Diet Seed natural supplement to aid in weight control efforts. It is carefully harvested and prepared pieces of the Brazil Nut carefully prepared for daily use. Safe and Tested, Brazilian Nut is High in Trace Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids and more which may help you to Burn fat, Detox and Cleanse and Keep you regular. Included in this Pack are TWO complete boxes for a total 60 day supply. ✔Take Just 1 piece at night before bed. ✔Remember to always drink plenty of water during the day and potassium rich food (or use KPlentish Potassium supplement) every day to avoid any muscle aches and pains. DON’T take more than the recommended dose. DO drink plenty of water. DO have a balanced diet. DO remember you might be going to the bathroom more the first few days. ====== La Semilla de Brasil de SdB Salud da Bienestar es un suplemento 100% Natural, Seguro y comprobado con miles de clientes satisfechos con los resultados. Gracias a su alto contenido nutricional la Semilla de Brazil puede ayudarte a adelgazar, Perder Peso y remover toxinas, este suplemento de uso Diario puede ayudarte a llegar a tu peso ideal. Este paquete es de 2 Cajas para 2 Meses de Uso. ✔ Toma 1 pedacito por la noche antes de dormir. Recureda de tomar suficiente agua todo el dia y comer comida rica en Potasio (o usa KPlentish Moringa) para evitar pequenas molestias. ✔ Nunca exceder la dosis recomendada y no se te olvide : Auga y Potasio y usa la Semilla diariamente para mejores resultados.


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