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14-Day Detox Tea by Nurtox – Natural Herbal Tea Blend – Reduces Bloating & Supports Healthy Weight Loss – Slimming Tea Improves Digestion & Increases Energy – Loose Leaf Bag (45g)


Enhance your health and wellness by ridding your body of toxins and shedding excess weight with our 14-day all-natural detox tea.

Losing weight can be a difficult endeavor, even when you’re committed to eating healthy and exercising regularly. That’s because you still need to rid your body of years of toxin buildup that’s collected along your digestive tract and other processes in your body. With the Nurtox 14-Day Detox Tea, an all-natural and organic solution to weight loss, you can lose bloat, water weight, and fat simply by drinking it once a day for two weeks.

Our delicious and healthy tea is made to help you jumpstart your weight loss goals and supplements everything else you’re doing to get fit and healthy. If you’re ready to lose weight, feel great, and have more energy, then turn to the one detox tea that’s packed with premium nutrients and ingredients designed to help you burn fat and cleanse your body-Nurtox 14-Day Detox Tea.

Features and benefits of our all-natural 14-day detox:

· 14-Day Organic Detox

· Boosts Immune System

· Promotes Healthy Weight Loss and Fat Burning

· Improves Digestion

· All-Natural Ingredients

· Increases Energy and Metabolism Levels

· Rids Your Body of Toxins

· Reduces Bloating and Water Weight

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