0 Carb Skinny Cocktails and Bar Drinks


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Wow! You’re going to absolutely love, love, love this collection of over 200 cocktail, shooter and bar drink recipes that aren’t just low carb, they’re actually 0 Carb! Really! Just imagine a Delicious, Sweet Piña Colada, a Refreshingly Icy, Sweet, Sour and Salty Margarita or an Eye-Opening Bloody Mary for 0 Carbs! It’s amazing!!! Join The New 0 Carb Revolution with 0 Carb Skinny Cocktails and Bar Drinks!

How can you actually make 0 Carb Drinks? After years of research and development we created 0 carb liqueurs, juices, sour mix and grenadine! Each recipe has been perfected to taste just like the original high-carb drink! Save hundreds of carbs with these fabulous 0 Carb Drinks!

Do you want to be a really great 0 Carb bartender? As an added bonus, you will discover seven simple rules to becoming the best bartender ever!

Here’s A Preview Of The Amazing 0 Carb Cocktail, Shooter, Bar Drink Recipes You’ll Find In 0 Carb Skinny Cocktails and Bar Drinks:

0 Carb Acapulco

0 Carb Almond Joy

0 Carb Amaretto Sour

0 Carb B-52

0 Carb Bacardi Cocktail

0 Carb Banana Banshee

0 Carb Banana Daiquiri

0 Carb Bay Breeze

0 Carb Bermuda Highball

0 Carb Between The Sheets

0 Carb Black Devil

0 Carb Black Russian

0 Carb Bloody Maria

0 Carb Bloody Mary

0 Carb Boccie Ball

0 Carb Boston Gold

0 Carb Bourbon Highball

0 Carb Brandy Alexander

0 Carb Brandy Highball

0 Carb Brave Bull

0 Carb Bronx Cocktail

0 Carb Bulldog

0 Carb California Lemonade

0 Carb Cape Codder

0 Carb Cocaine Lady

0 Carb Cocomacoque

0 Carb Coffee Alexander

0 Carb Colorado Bulldog

0 Carb Comfortable Screw

0 Carb Cosmopolitan

0 Carb Creamsicle

0 Carb Cuba Libre

0 Carb Daiquiri

0 Carb Desert Dry Gin Martini

0 Carb Desert Dry Vodka Martini

0 Carb Dirty Mother

0 Carb Electric Lemonade

0 Carb English Highball

0 Carb Faux Banana Liqueur

0 Carb Faux Blue Curacao

0 Carb Faux Cranberry Juice

0 Carb Faux Crème De Cacao

0 Carb Faux Grapefruit Juice

0 Carb Grenadine

0 Carb Faux Green Crème De Menthe

0 Carb Faux Kahlua

0 Carb Faux Melon Liqueur

0 Carb Faux Orange Juice

0 Carb Faux Pineapple Juice

0 Carb Faux Triple Sec

0 Carb Faux White Crème De Menthe

0 Carb Fog Horn

0 Carb Fred Fuddpucker

0 Carb French Connection

0 Carb Frozen Margarita

0 Carb Frozen Piña Colada

0 Carb Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

0 Carb Fruit Loop

0 Carb Fuzzy Screw

0 Carb Gentle Ben

0 Carb Get, Well You Know

0 Carb Gimlet

0 Carb Gin Alexander

0 Carb Gin And Sin

0 Carb Gin And Tonic

0 Carb Gin Sour

0 Carb Girl Scout Cookie

0 Carb Golden Cadillac

0 Carb Grasshopper

0 Carb Grenadine Syrup

0 Carb Greyhound

0 Carb Harvey Wallbanger

0 Carb Havana Cocktail

0 Carb Hawaiian Cocktail

0 Carb Headless Horseman

0 Carb Honolulu Hammer

0 Carb Hurricane

0 Carb Irish Coffee

0 Carb Jack and Coke

0 Carb Jackhammer

0 Carb James Bond Martini

0 Carb Jelly Bean

0 Carb John Collins

0 Carb Kahlua And Cream

0 Carb Kamikaze

0 Carb Kiss In The Dark

0 Carb La Jolla

0 Carb Leap Frog

0 Carb Lemon Drop

0 Carb Long Island Iced Tea

0 Carb Look Out Below

0 Carb Lulu

0 Carb Lynchburg Lemonade

0 Carb Madras

And MORE!!


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