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Weight Loss Tea – All in One Extra Strength Thermogenic Diet Tea 100% All Herbal ingredients formulated to control appetite up to 6-8 hours and burn fat even when you sleep! Only One Cup a Day Helps Lose More Weight than with Diet Alone


Lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone.
Increase Metabolism and Control Appetite.

Made from the highest quality 100% herbal ingredients, All in One Diet Tea purifies body from waste and toxins, helps to remove undigested food.

– Lowers hunger for up to 4-6 hours
– helps to get rid of excess water
– helps to reduce stress
– supports immune system

Pleasant & Smooth Taste, Highly Effective, Works Great for Both Men and Women.

Shipped the same day. Expedited shipping available.

All in One Slimming Tea XS is a registered trademark of YoungYou International. Purchasing for the purpose of reselling is strictly prohibited. Guarantee applies to the original purchaser only.


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