Brand : Trigger Point Performance

Trigger Point Performance Self Massage Starter Set with Instructional DVD


The Trigger Point (TP) Performance Starter Set provides the tools you need for self-applied myofascial release and deep tissue massage–to help you both manage day-to-day aches and pains of the body and keep your muscles performing at their best. Perfect for athletes who suffer from aches and pain in the feet, Achilles tendon, shins and other lower leg muscles–and for anyone else with muscular complaints in the lower body–the starter set includes a TP Massage Ball, a TP Footballer and a TP Baller Block for self-applied targeted massage of your own body. Made with unique, patented material, the TP tools are designed to mimic the feel of a human hand and thumb–and the material is formulated to retain its shape and efficacy with repeated use. The Trigger Point Starter Kit has been updated to include an 18-minute instructional DVD to guide you safely through the massage and release process.


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